Thiadrik Oldersma

Starting of as a console player, Toldersma primarily played FPS titles from franchises such as Halo and Call of Duty. He eventually switched to PC gaming in March 2012, where he got his first taste of esports with League of Legends. After playing at an amateur level and managing the teams of mCon esports, he turned to casting CS:GO in 2016 at The Party 15 and quickly became the quality caster you know now. 


Mirte Horemans

Moraltis, a new face in the Benelux scene will make her first casting appearance in Elite series! So far we have seen her on the desk as an analyst on Gameforce masters 2019 and ESL Benelux 2019. She isn’t scared to pick up the guns herself, as she plays for Join The Force Female, a European Female team. 


Robert Jan Kortooms

RJ had a love for gaming from the get go, starting off his gaming life way back with the classic game Wolfenstein 3D. His streaming career got him in touch with esports as he was scouted, picked up for his iconic English accent. Starting with GameForce Masters, many more great things followed: becoming one of the main voices of Benelux CS, even an international breakthrough, casting a top tier tournament in Hamburg. All this lead to commentating becoming not just a hobby but a full time job and passion.



Martin Cibils

My name is Martin “Carabon” Cibils, I am a 23 master student in enginnering in Switzerland. I’ve been truly passionnated about csgo when I’ve went to the ESL Pro League Occinatie season 9 and then the Berlin Major. Since then I’ve wanted to cast some CS:GO my self which i did by joining Dfuse as a grow caster. I’ve casted a lot of games during season 35 of ESEA, mostly french ones. I’ve also casted the UTT arena and the Nantarenna.


Nathan riot

My name is Nathan RIOT, I’m 18 and I’m from Rouen, France. I started to cast in 2020 with the European League, which is now the Hilltop Series, now I cast for Dfuse, where I casted some Valorant tournaments, and for some competitions on my own Twitch channel, such as the ESEA leagues.