Elite Series pours more than 75,000 euros in prize money into the Benelux esports ecosystem

Over the past few years, esports in the Benelux has grown in size and the teams have also performed admirably in Europe, showcasing the region’s impressive rise. It is clear to see that a structured competition and hard-working teams combine to produce the best results.

META, the Benelux’ largest gaming & esports agency and operator of the region’s largest esports competitions, has now taken the next step for the local Benelux esports scene, unifying its competitions in a new, overarching competition structure: the Elite Series.

The Elite Series is the prime series of Benelux esports leagues, gathering League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, and Counter-Strike under one banner. The Elite Series paves the way for teams and fans to rally behind the very best of the region, with the highest prize pool to date (€75,000+), a stable structure and the clearest path to European glory.

“Our intention with the Elite Series is to provide a playing field for the best that the Benelux has to offer in terms of esports, across a range of games. Whether you are interested in LoL, CSGO, Rocket League or Rainbow Six, we have the competition for you, either to play in or to watch. We have lots of other things planned, from an expansion of games to more content and activities, so the Elite Series is not the end, but just the next step in the region’s esports (r)evolution”, Moritz van der Lugt, Elite Series Lead at META, said.

The Elite Series will start on 17 January, when the first esports competition, Elite Series: League of Legends, will kick off as part of Riot Games’ official European Regional Leagues. Counter-Strike, Rocket League and Rainbow Six will follow suit and get their start in February and March, with more details to be shared on these competitions as we enter 2022.

The Elite Series will also house Tours and Cups to allow teams to strive to get into the Elite Series, creating a stepping stone towards the highest echelons of Benelux esports (and beyond).

To stay up to date with all of the Elite Series competitions, make sure to keep an eye on eliteseries.gg and follow the competitions on Twitter.

League of Legends: @EliteSeriesLOL
Counter-Strike: @EliteSeriesCS
Rocket League: @EliteSeriesRL
Rainbow Six: @Rainbow6Benelux


Elite Series Lead
Moritz van der Lugt
+31 6 43459209

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